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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

On the Way

We will depart Melbourne on the 14th August for a couple of days in Singapore before arriving in Johannesburg on the 17th August.

We have been advised that the vehicle will now arrive in Durban on the Kota Iawa on the 21st of August. There has been some stress with the documentation to temporarily import and then export the vehicle (Carnet). We sent the carnet via the postal service. Australia post insisted that it arrived in South Africa. South Africa Post insisted it never arrived.  

So, thanks to the fine efforts of the AAA and RACV, a new carnet was issued in 24 hours. The Australian customs assisted by signing the new document in Melbourne, rather than insisting that it be resigned in Port Adelaide. So, the new carnet is now on its way to Durban (fingers crossed).

Steve & Ing Marshall (from the UK) are saying they will join for the RSA & Namibia legs of the trip. So if that comes off, it will be great to have company.

The tag along tour through Angola is proceeding. It is planned to start at Ruacana on 13th September. . Many thanks to Peter Richards, Maria and the crew at Minbos for assisting with the Angola visa.

The kids should join us in Cameroon for Christmas. Gabrielle is working up the details for that.

The only other fixed date thus for is that Olympics in London.


  1. check check. stop partying and get packing

  2. Elena and Dan getting married on May 26th - be nice if you two could make it!
    I am on standby to deliver ransom money to Somalia between Sept '11 and May '12.